Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm an Auntie!!! whoo hooo ;)

Around 5pm Monday afternoon my sister-in-law gave birth to her first child. A very healthy 5 lb baby boy. In honor of this great news I have been shopping around etsy. I have found some wonderful items that I just had to share.

http://naturalbeauty.etsy.com/ Wow all natural butt butter. What else would be better for his cute little bum ;)

http://crochetroo.etsy.com/ The cutes things from down under ;) to adorable for words..Blue koala booties.

http://littlegiggles.etsy.com/ Oh you know you just can't have a baby with out thinking style...and he totally needs this to be just like his uncle!

http://funkyshapes.etsy.com/ Funky little slippers Oh aren't they too cool!

http://giftsbylaney.etsy.com/ Can't forget mommy with this pretty necklace!

Also check out these great sites:
Thank you to everyone who invited me to their shops...It is going to be so hard to decide!!!
Have a wonderful night all. Sygnet Creations http://sygnetcreations.etsy.com/


Nate's Wife said...

Hi Sygnet-

Your my "next" on my next button in the Etsy ring. SO cool! I l ove this thing I didn't even know what it was for when I joined it. Now I'm going on a visiting spree and you're my forst stop. Thanks for posting my shop! 5 pounds, that's nothing but a handful! I hope they take an awesome pic of little baby in daddy's big hand. FYI preemie babies grow faster if they are given a massage every day! Tell mama to rub the little bub. Their skin and brain forms at the same time in the womb, and touch stimulates their brains! cool huh?

Pretty Fun said...

Congrats! And those little crab shoes are too cute!

Barbra said...

Congrats on becoming an aunt and Happy Anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog...now off i go to check out your shop.