Monday, September 17, 2007

A little about ........

So I don't normally talk about myself or my kids but i felt like sharing because honestly I don't have many to talk to these days...or should I say my most adult conversation has been with a 7 year old =)
Okay so a couple of days ago my littlest Neela had a doctors appt. You see she goes to the doc on a monthly basis due to lack of weight gain and other issues. (she is preemie) Okay back to the appt, Neela weighs about 16.8 lbs I know to most you think to yourself awe she is growing so big....Well she is 11mnths old and started out at 6lbs so 10 lbs isn't that big of a leap in a years time. So because she still isn't gaining we now have to see a nutritionist. She has had all the blood tests and such from an early age so we know its nothing metabolic or some other underlined medical issue. She is just soo tiny. She still fits into 6-9mnth clothing. Here first birthday is in Oct and I really don't want it to come. Does that seem silly? I don't know if its because I don't want her to grow up or because I am worried if she will be able to celebrate properly=) I have 4 kids so its not a new mommy thing.. I don't spoil her because she is tiny...all of my babies had some issue or another so they all are special in their own unique way. who knows it will all probably work out fine and she will have a great party and have a ball!! I did find some cute stuff for her...and more I still have to buy... Etsy has been my playground these last few days... I was on a shopping Okay well I am done venting...but wanted to share a picture of my little one...She is my only Blue eyed, blonde....Mind you mommy is a red head so I thinks its tooo cute!!


Barbra said...
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Barbra said...

Sorry about the removed post...too many typos. I guess I'm tired!
Neela is absolutely adorable. My cousin was a 4lb. preemie with nutrition issues also. She's now a 5'9" healthy,active mommy!