Sunday, December 9, 2007

When you can't move up, take two steps to the left!

While promoting on Etsy today I took a break and headed over to the Site Help section of the forums to see if I could lend a hand. Once there I found topic I knew a bit about and joined the conversation. It was a simple discussion about business or premier accounts when thinking about paypal features. We chatted a bit about different aspects of paypal when another seller popped in and mentioned that my avatar had caught their eye and they thought it was a wig and had to check out my shop to find out what I had for sale. They were amused to find that it was actually a neck pillow and that my avatar had in fact lured them into my store. This simple act made my day....after their post several others mentioned they too thought it was something else and they also were captivated by the image and had to investigate what my shop had to offer. It dawned on me that my little avatar was a very important tool in getting people to stop and browse my shop. From now on I plan to change it up but only with unique view points of items I have listed...keep an eye out for me.....what you think is one thing could very well lead to a wonderful sale!!

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