Monday, July 28, 2008

Recycled Fashions.. Fun with Uniforms.

Last night I had friends over for Lasagna and we chatted about a bag she really really wanted to make. It was a messenger style bag with pockets but she wanted it made from her boyfriends military uniform. The more she talked the more excited I was to try and make the bag of her dreams. He just so happened to have 5 or so old uniforms in his truck that we could cut up! So I handed her scissors and we started cutting the pieces we wanted to add to her bag. Here is what we created. I know it seems a bit off-kilter but she wanted it to be fun and didn't care if the colors clashed or how it looked.. She loves it!! It is made with the Air Force BDU top , pockets, rank, and reflective belt.

This morning I wanted to see what I could make from the pants I had left over. I looked at the pockets on the pants and thought it would make a great little bag. The one below is made with two BDU bottoms using 4 pockets, fabric and handles.

The inside was made using a place mat in a bright yellow daisy print.
The outside pockets make up all 4 sides of the bag and a fully usable!
I really like how this bag turned out =)
And as an added bonus it is Reversible!!


FoxyCroxy said...

OMG! I love the bag! I can't wait to come over and get it...I wanted to so bad tonight but LOL I need another pass! Thank you so much!!!!

Kandyce P said...

Haha! I was just thinking about cutting my DH's old BDU'a and maybe DCU's up and making bags and stuff from them. I have another idea, too, but I'm not sure my machine is heavy duty enough for it.