Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Local building fire on Business 98 in Parker (Florida)

I had just left the Parker Post Office at around 4pm on Tuesday when I saw a huge cloud of smoke and about 3 fire trucks. I am a nosey person by nature and I just so happened to have my camera handy. Hubby drove down to see if we could see where the fire was coming from.
As we got closer you could see the intensity of the blaze behind area businesses. It was getting worse by the second.
Just behind this church is a metal building used be Gulf Coast Tree Service. From it states that the fire alarm started at around 3:40 pm and the business was a total loss.
Not one of my best pictures but as you can see we didn't want to get to close or bother the fire departments working to put out the flames. The street was entirely blocked off and we were detoured shortly after this photo was taken. From what I saw about 3-4 fire trucks responded and as I started above the blaze was well underway before they arrived and they were not able to save the structure.

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Mannie Vincent said...

You nosey lady you! (: Thanks for sharing the story AND the photos! I'm quite nosey, too! It's a shame about the business's total loss :(