Friday, December 5, 2008

Forget the cake, Let them eat pizza and cookies

Tonight is Friday night and the kids have taken over my kitchen creating a tasty meal and dessert. All 4 of my children got together with the help of myself to make pizza and cookies.
Sorry but these were not made with homemade pizza dough. In our house convenience wins over on the pizza front so these crust came prepacked in a set of two. I added sauce and cheese then handed them over to the kids. Above is Michael and Coralee placing the pepperoni delicately on to the crust.
Then it was Dylan's turn. She was in charge of black olives. She placed each olive on their very own pepperoni. It was a hoot to watch her be so The dinner took about 8-10 to bake and we all had seconds! Next we needed to make cookies. This was Neela's job. Again they were not homemade. I cut open the Pillsbury package and cut them on to the cookie sheet. Baked for 12min and frosted them with vanilla icing.

Neela made sure to add lots and lots of sprinkles to hers. As did the other kids. Below is my gang enjoying the fruit of their hard work. Maybe tomorrow I can teach them the fine art of laundry =)

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