Friday, December 12, 2008

Positive directions ~ Health update

Things are starting to look up on the medication front. Our Military Treatment Facility has assisted us in getting the needed medications delivered directly to the clinic. This is huge! Not only does this mean we will be starting her treatment soon but we will not have to pay any co pays because the military clinic will have it in stock. I am so excited.!! We will find out more come Monday morning and I will surely share it with you all!!

Dylan's test results came back with no diabetes... a deep sigh of relief. Well that was the good news. In doing the urinalysis it came back that bacteria was in her system and they have to wait for the cultures to find out exactly what it is. Right now she is on antibiotics and the plans are to test her at a later date for her leg and joint pains. So all in all everything is on the up and up and we are starting to see really signs of moving forward!

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Simply Sarah's said...

YEAH!!!!!! So glad to hear the news!