Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blast from the past. Visit from an old friend

Here we are Sept 19th, 1996 all dressed up for a school dance. Josh, Charity, Mark, Me and Billy. That was the gang more than 12 years ago. Shortly after this photo was taken Billy moved away, then Mark followed by Josh and Charity. I graduated and ending up coming back to North Dakota and getting married. I lost touch with some of my great friends. I was able to touch base again with Josh and Mark. We talked through emails, sent pictures and kept up with each others lives and although we weren't near by we were still close. Well that changed last night. Mark was driving through on his way home visiting family and I asked if a detour was in the cards. A few hours out of his way, Mark stopped in and it was really nice to see him up close and personal. I do not think we have changed that much. Yes we have children and careers and hobbies we didn't have 12 years ago but for those few short hours we were Mark and Amanda (Mork and Mindy) all over again.
Here we are. Smiles on our faces and looks like that can transcend the years. We are bit older, wiser, but damn we still look good....... Lets not make it another 12 years!


Mannie of MannieMandible said...

Aw! I'm glad to got to spend time with an old friend!


KrazyFashion said...

Oh man this is such a touching story! It is always great to connect with old friends.
I hope you enjoyed it. :D