Thursday, January 29, 2009

They love me, They love me not.

My husband asked our two oldest children what they wanted to get me for Valentine's Day. Normally he wouldn't share this bit of information but the answers he received from his quest were priceless.

Hubby- Mikey told me he wants to get you flowers.

Me- Awe that is sweet!

Hubby- Wait it gets better. He said they had to be fake flowers.

Me- Why fake flowers?

Hubby- He said if they were real you would forget to water them and they would die, leaving you with out a gift.

Me - What a booger.... but then again I don't do well with plants. What did Cora say?

Hubby- She wants to get you a diamond bracelet.

Me - LOL, yup that's my girl.

Hubby- I asked her how she planned to buy one and she told me that was my job!

Me - Definitely my girl!


Jen said...

If your hubby is wise, he'll go for the diamond bracelet! :0)

Mannie of MannieMandible said...

HEHEHEHE! I love your kids!!! (:


Jennifer said...

But what about Neela or the other? Is he playing favorites and only asking 2 of the kids? What a booger, I am going to send you some fake flowers now. ;)

Jennifer said...

Amanda, you need this...