Sunday, June 14, 2009

Date Night or Day

Hubby and I get to spend a few moments together once a month. During these times we like to just hang out and enjoy life. Today was one of those days. After taking the kids to the Child Development Center (CDC) we headed out to the water front. We wanted to walk along the beach and just take in the nature.

The water was very warm and filled with boaters and water skiers. We walked up and down the shore looking at the waves and taking pictures of the sea life.

After the beach we headed over to the boardwalk called Gator's Way. This is a fun little trail where you can capture nature at its best. Chris looked over the sign to plan which way we should head. We choose left =)

As you can see there are signs posted to let you know there might be alligators in the water or on land. Unfortunately my husband took this as a personal challenge.!

Yup... There he is leaning over the wall to see if there are any creatures hiding.. He laughs and tells me "Wouldn't be hilarious if there was an alligator just sitting here?" ...Um,

We didn't see any alligators but we did find this little guy. Not quite a man eater but Chris did enjoy trying to catch him. It was a fun day filled with exploration and childhood discovery. We were two kids having the time of our lives. Maybe next time hubby will get to see his alligator until then he will just have to imagine one

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