Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finished Quilt - "Carnival"

Just over 6 hours of sewing, searching for my missing batting, piecing together each strip of fabric, fixing a strip I put in the wrong spot, and finally taking pictures to show you all. This was truely a labor of love =)

I started with a bunch of vertical strips. Then I added a dividing color and more vertical strips. I really like the look of the coin quilts, so I used it as my inspiration.

It isn't perfect as I do not measure and cut all pieces to match... I would rather piece and then cut to fit my needs. I love the wonky look to the blanket. It adds character and uniqueness.

The blanket is filled with just about every color of the spectrum. Pick a theme, I probably have it included. I decided to call this 'Carnival' because it reminds me of the sugary snacks, colorful patrons, and the fun to be had!!

The blanket was finished with a zigzag border and my homemade tag was added. I will be listing it in my shop shortly. I had a lot of fun..... might just make another on today =)