Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Change : Inevitable Part of Life for the Military Family

If you have been reading my blog then you know nothing seems to stay the same around here. In 2008 we had orders to Alaska but they were canceled due to medical. As our current base was remodeling housing we were then moved into a bigger home and got word that the military would be sending us to Minot, North Dakota come October of 2009. Excited, we got started on making the transition of moving our large family up north at the beginning of winter. One month away right??? Wrong.... because with everything EXPECT CHANGE!

As of Wednesday of last week our orders to North Dakota were canceled. Just like Alaska we knew ahead that we might be doomed to stay here in Florida. This time we had to be to our new location by a certain date and hubby wouldn't have the important job requirements before our departure. We hoped they would just extend the date but this was a long shot so we took this as a time to search out Air Bases where we can go both medically and with our job availability.

This is my job =) I love looking at locations, checking out what they have to offer, the schools, housing, job,..... you name it I want to know about it. We knew that with his time in Florida my husband was eligible for what is known as a Base of Preference or BOP for short. This meant that he could make a list of potential bases we wanted to go to and the military would decided where to send us. We could try for North Dakota again but I like new places and I have lived in ND for 6 years of my life already =)

So here is my short list of what I needed from the base I picked:
  • Medical - Have to have a local Pediatric Endocrinologist, On base facilities and pharmacy.
  • Schools - Either on base or close to base with programs for my son.
  • Job - Fits my husband's needs for school and advancement.
  • Location - How close are family members (MN and NY)
  • What does this specific base have to offer for recreation or community activities
  • Housing - We have a huge family. How long is the wait for a 4-5 bedroom.
Believe it or not but it wasn't a very big list. We could either stay here, go to Luke AFB in Arizona, a few bases in Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina or South Dakota....... So picked the best of them all.. South Dakota.
The same day the orders were canceled, Chris put in his BOP to South Dakota (could have listed them all but wanted to make the decision easy) and he expected we would hear something in the coming months. I mean hey..... We have been here for almost 6 years now and we know they like giving us orders so what is one more shot right!! Friday I get a call from Chris and he can't contain himself. Just 3 days after filing the papers and losing our orders to ND we have yet another set of orders and we ship out early 2010 to none other then Ellsworth South Dakota!! I am very excited. The local community has a big regional medical center and this means no more traveling 1-3 hours to see a doctor!! FINGERS CROSSED...lol We are pretty certain we are leaving in March but I wouldn't be writing this if everything always went as planned. I have lots to share over the next few days/months. I will be closing up my Etsy shop while we travel so expect a HUGE sale to help liquidate my inventory.

Til then ~~

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