Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Helping my Son fulfill a Dream!

Today my son arrived home from school in a very happy mood. After completing his homework he came and sat next to me on the couch and asked if he could participate in a fundraiser for school. Typically I say no because every single child in the school, no matter the grade, is off to solicit the exact same items and there really isn't a point in trying. This time however I was a bit more intrigued. He has never been THIS excited about a school fundraiser.

"It's a math-a-thon, mom. I get to do math while helping kids fight cancer! You don't have to pay a thing, I can do it over a few weeks and I really love math... Can I?"

If you know my son you can understand why he was so enthralled with this cause. Ever since we lost my grandparents to cancer, my son has been eager to fight the disease at every angle. His ideal dream is to become a research scientist to help develop a cure. What can I say I am one proud momma! I signed his form and together we began calling our family to seek out support. The first person he wanted to call was his Nana. It was so precious he actually said "Can I count on you for support?" He also called his other grandmother and his uncle... each one offering a monetary pledge. I wish I could have taken a picture of the expression of joy on his face when he realized what he raised in 3 simple calls. He went off to play and a few hours later he comes out to the living room with a master plan.

son - What if we ask your friends online if they want to help too?
mom- Sure, do you have a goal?
son - I don't know. How much do they need?
mom- I am sure any amount would help, don't you?
son- Yeah and they will be helping kids with cancer just like me!
mom- Okay I will ask....

So you see that is where this post comes into play. My 9yrd son has asked that I share this information with all of you. He wants to raise any money he can to help support the St Jude Hospital. His exact words....

If you could give $1 or $5 or $10 that would be soo cool. If you can't, that's okay.. but tell everyone you know and that will be just like helping!

Every single person that donates will be added to his sponsor list and the funds are sent directly to the St Jude's Hospital once he finishes his math booklet and turns them into his school. If you wish to pledge, I have set up a button to the left and we ask that you supply your address and name for the sponsor list. I gather they need this info for tax purposes as this constitutes a charitable donation.

For more information here is their site

Thanks so much for reading this. I will keep you all posted on how much he raises. I know any amount will make his day!


Anonymous said...

I am in tears, completely, I remember when my daughter did the "Math-A-Thon" She was so excited, I am happy for your son to be doing the same. I would love to help as much as I can.
The Mathathon is great, it not only helped my daughter with her math skills. But it taught her that we can always lend out our hearts to help those in need.
I wish him the best of luck :)

MoonLightSally said...

Happy to help! Best of luck to your sweet son!

Sygnet Creations said...

Thank you both so much. Mikey is excited to do the math booklet. He said it is cool that he can do math and raise money for something he loves.. I appreciate your support and I know if he was here (in school) he would say thank you as well!!

Carapace said...

Awww! That's incredibly sweet! How does math tie into it?