Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Big 3!

(Neela and her godfather BeeJay)

My little bug turned 3 years old last month.
Oh where oh where did the time go?
She was so excited to celebrate with her friends!
We had a small get together at the house and
she helped me make her cake...

She was so proud of her cake.
She put the M&Ms on one by one and
blew out the candles with one blow!

Mmmmm... tastes good mommy =)!

She loved having all her friends over.
They played and ate hotdogs, chips, and drank juice.

Another year under our belts.
I am so proud of my little wonder and all that
she has accomplished this year. There will be many more obstacles
ahead but the best part is knowing she is healthy and growing strong!

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