Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Annual Eye Exam - Oh the Fun!

I just got home from an eye appointment with my three girls... normally they are wonderful in public but today was a bit two long for them to handle. It was two appointments back to back. One for my oldest, Coralee, and the other for Neela. Everything was going great... they gave them all coloring books and they sat quietly until they called their names. After we got back to the room it was a bit more hectic but they were great... Hour two was not so much fun... They didn't mind the drops for dilating the eyes it was the patiently waiting that killed them! Neela started getting cranky and the doctor came in to for the rescue. He started with Neela and told us that her eyes were quite bad. She will need to wear a patch on her left eye in hopes to strengthen the muscles in her right. Coralee took a bit longer to dilate but her part of the appt was quick and painless. The result was a new script for Coralee and the very first pair of glasses for Neela!

Check out Neenee

She picked them out with the help of daddy. they should arrive in a week or so and then the real fun starts. Thank goodness for replacement insurance and scratch resistant lens coating!!

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Y Knot Shop said...

Awww but she is so cute mommy. Love the specs with the the binky. ;)