Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wholesale Day 1

Fabric arrived at 5pm Wednesday night.
I was so excited I started work right away.
This is one of my largest wholesale orders
so keeping a diligent schedule is
important to my deadlines.

Cutting and pinning is the most time consuming.
If I could clone myself to do one task,
cutting would be the one!!
After the cutting, each pillow has a logo attached
and care instructions. Then it goes into a pile to have
logo sewn as well as edges. Then the last pile for
stuffing. At this stage my husband grabs the stack
of completed cases and stuffs them to desired firmness.

When stuffed they are returned to me for final hand
stitching and then placed in a box. The goal is to get
20 pillows along the bottom and going up in rows from there.

As of day one 12 have been completed!

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