Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Out of the mouth of Babes!

OMG I have to share this with you all.. My son and husband were having a conversation about who does what and my son explained that "Neela sleeps and eats all day, Dylan stays home with Neela, Coralee goes to school with him and Daddy is in the Air Force." Well I wasn't included so my husband says "and mommy stays home and watches the babies" Mikey looked at him and says "no daddy, mom has a job too....she works for etsy but they don't pay her like you"...LOL
I about died!!

Oh and he learned a joke today!
Spell "ip"...So i said I-T and he says no i said spell "IP" so i said "I Pee".....He started laughing...lol I couldn't believe I fell for it. Then he goes spell "Icup" which everyone should know never to spell...I humored him and said "I-see-you-pee" His response...."ewe why are you watching"...lol Mind you he is 7 years old!!!

I swear everyday my kids say the funniest most craziest things to me. I just had to share these as my son is always a riot!

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Cathy said...

lol i love this post - how funny and cute! the things that ome out of children's mouths are truly treasures (hmmm except when they are swear words lol i wrote about this in an early post)