Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rosie the Riveter - A true Patriot!

This year for Halloween I wanted to be something sexy yet not over the top like most costume I have seen this year. The only image that continued to pop in to my mind was that of a strong women in coveralls and a red bandanna. I had no idea who she was but I wanted to be her...she seemed classy and confident. I called my mom and was shocked to find out exactly WHO I wanted to be ...."Rosie the Riveter". Most people my age might know her best by this picture. But my mother and grandmother knew her best for the women who supported WWII by taking on "manly" jobs in factories and Mills.

Similar to the Uncle Sam posters to recruit young men to the military, Rosie was a monumental figure clad in overalls and a work-shirt with the sleeves rolled up to reveal her powerful, muscular arms. She represented women who wore hard-hats and overalls and operated heavy machinery transforming them from the traditional American feminine ideal of housewife and mother.
"In 1942, a popular song about a patriotic female defense worker called
Rosie the Riveter provided the name that became synonymous with this new
kind of American woman." -

I have read a lot about "Rosie" over the past few days and I was very proud to have taken on her identity if only for a few hours. As a mother and housewife it was rather fun too. =)

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Kerry said...

What an awesome Halloween costume...Rosie rocks!