Friday, October 19, 2007

Baby Neela- Health Update

So if you have read in a previous posting I have a 1 year old daughter who is rather small for her age. (referring post)
She has just celebrated her first birthday and it was so much fun!

Here is a picture of her devouring her cupcake! A few days later we went for her check up and found out she is still not gaining weight. She is a whopping 16lbs which is way below the 5th percentile for her weight. The doctors are concerned and she will need to be seen by some specialist for more testing. One of the doctors to see her first is a nutritionist to rule out problems with her eating habits. For example they are going to go over how much she eats in a day and make sure it is acceptable for her age. It is all routine and they want to rule this easy fix out before doing some more major testing. After we get the news from the nutritionist we will be going about 3 hours away to see a GI specialist they will probably do a GI scope or something and I am sure a bunch of blood tests.
It is a bit nerve racking 'cus I see this child eat and eat and eat but she can't seem to gain a pound. She is a very loving little girl and I just want her to be healthy. She is my 4th child so I always think maybe she just wants to do things her way or maybe she is just going to be a small person. We are not small people (me and my hubby) but we are not huge either. I just hope we find an answer and she will begin to grow big and strong.
The doctors are also concerned that she is a bit behind in development which could be contributed to the lack of weight gain. I just hate that she has officially been labeled "Failure to thrive". That statement alone is scary and we can only hope that everything works out for the good. We will be traveling a lot to the pediatric hospital but when we are home I hope to stay on top of everything Etsy and Sygnet Creations...
I just hate that we have to do this all over again. It wasn't but a year ago when she and I travel those 3 hours for her to be diagnosed with tracheomalacia (floppy trachea and noisy breathing) and tachypnea (breathing fast ) Those issues are starting to get better and now we face a new set of fun little bumps to keep us busy....
Til next time ~ Amanda

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