Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So what did YOU do?

We did a little Easter egg hunting. The little one found out fairly quick that these little eggs carried some very yummy candies. She took no time at all requesting for mommy and daddy to open them up so they could be devoured. Here is a picture of her with her very first sucker. After our egg hunt we decided to go to the airplane park on base to walk around and look at all the old planes. Here is the tail fin of a local aircraft stationed at Tyndall. The kids loved looking at all the planes and playing around the flag poles. Some had more fun then others...running, jumping and hiding behind the displays Little one runs towards daddy while the other kids play and talk about all the cool flags and displays These flags surround the entire park. Each one represents a US state or branch of the armed forces. The flag where blowing such perfectly in the breeze I just had to snap a shot.
Here is the gang taking a moment for a well deserved family photo.
After our trip to the airplanes we decided to walk down to the water. There is a wonderful beach with in base housing that is just a brisk walk from our home. The kids enjoying walking down to the Pier. They get to play in the water. Skip rocks, find shells, and look for hermit crabs. We got down to the water just in time to talk this beautiful picture.
Here is a poor little crap we found along the sand. My middle child knelt down for a closer look. This little crab was only inches from the water.

Some other local animals came by looking for food. I was able to snap this photo just before the kids chased the bird away...awe nature =)
So we got done at the beach and headed towards home. Along our path we came upon 3 squirrels playing under a tree. Here is one that must have been the look out. We caught eyes and they all ran up the tree. We had a wonderful Easter Sunday...Spent the whole day just hanging out together as a family and enjoying life. What did YOU do?

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