Thursday, March 6, 2008

Soo much and no time to think!

So before we head on our wonderful adventure we must first get our house and work in order. My husband has a check list off all the things we need just to out process this base and all the information we need for travel. One of the items to the top of the list is a passport for each family member! I am rather excited as I have never had nor needed a passport. I also think it is cool that the kids are getting one too. I guess it is the fact that I have never left the USA before except of course to Canada but I find it so exciting to have a piece of paper that marks all the wonderful destinations I have been privileged to see. I always tell my hubby that I want to go to Paris and Australia before I die.....Wonder if he will take me when the kids are all grown? hmmmmm

Okay so I have my own little list I am trying to get accomplished before the move:
  • Organizing a Craft Show for Tyndall AFB and the surrounding community. (We are hoping for May 17th 2008) So if you live in the area or plan to be in the area around that date shoot me a message)
  • I would like to set up a booth at the local AAFES. It is the military one stop shopping center and a great place to snag a few local customers.
  • I am going to have a Blow Out Moving Sale right before I close shop in June or July to help alleviate the stress of packing and shipping all my products up north.

So not too much just stressful items that I must tend to before I depart. The Craft show is my biggest concern as we are seeking military affiliated vendors. Our location will not allow civilian vendors...Which has been very disappointing. We had a great deal of potential sellers before this change was thrown our way. Thank goodness we have a lot of military squadrons willing to pitch in and help. Anyway..lots to not much time but all in all I will keep you posted on all the fun.

Thanks for reading=)


CraftyMamaMia said...

I still wish I could come do the Craft Show. TTYL.

DAMdesigns said...

Im so jelous lol