Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll Dye if I want to.....

I had a great birthday!!! Hubby took me to get my hair done.. a very much needed hair cut I might add. My hair was getting long and unmanageable. So we went to the BX and he picked out the new color. At first he wanted the violet red but I have very thick hair and she only had one bottle so we went with a wine-ish color. I love it!!

Here is a picture of my hair before I got it cut:

Here is my new doo =) not to keen on the style as I seldom part my hair down the middle but hey I do love the color and she didn't take it too short! It just really needed some love'n and now i am sexy in my old age...lol

This is my Favorite pic.. I took it while we were driving around. Hubby gave me an awesome birthday .. Not only did he come home just in time to celebrate but he treated me like a queen =)

28 years and still Sassy
Amanda =0


Melissa said...

Love the new color! I need to get mine done too. LOL! Although mine is sooooo long.

CraftyMamaMia said...

Wooooo Sexy Mama!!!!! Love the new haircut! Glad you had a terrific birthday, it never hurts to feel like queen for a day!

Jennifer said...

OOOOOLALALA, aren't you looking sexy. I am glad that you had a great birthday. I am also glad that your hubby got home in time for your birthday. I hope all of the stress has lessened some with him being home now. I do love the new do.


Liz said...

love the new color! my hair is long and gross and i need a chop too. you've inspired me to pick up the phone and make an appointment! ha! :)