Thursday, June 12, 2008

League Bowling - Night #3

Down one team member for the night but our opponents were a great group of people. Hubby and I bowled an amazing 3 games if i don't say so myself. I have a 108 average and I surpassed it every game!! I bowled a 136, 116, and a 122 whoo hoo! We didn't win all the games but we walked away with 2 points out of a possible 8. We are not disappointed because we all did our best and had a LOT of fun.

We bowl on a NASCAR league. I joined mainly to spend time with hubby but an added bonus was the ability of receiving a jacket or bowling ball just to participating! We chose to get the jackets.. Heck we already have our bowling balls. Hubby picked out the Black Jack Daniels one and I chose the NASCAR racing with the flames.. We don't follow the races so I have no idea which driver belongs to the jacket hubby chose but it will keep him warm none the less.

Here is to another fun week. Lets hope next week is just as good.

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Love your creations! Congrats on the new jackets. = )