Friday, June 6, 2008

PT - Lets get motivated

PT (Physical Training) is one of those inevitable requirements of the military member. Some times it can be a bit daunting. Five days a week my husband goes out to the base gym and runs the track. Each time he runs just under 2miles. Tonight was a bit different because he didn't have a running partner or any motivation to keep him going....That is where we came in =)
When we arrived Daddy had already finished but he was doing a cool down lap so we jump right in. Mikey and Cora took off running. Cora was in the lead until big brother cheated (pic above) and darted across the field. She kept running though and still beat him!

It was a bit hot and muggy for Nee-Nee. Every time I turned around she had her tummy hanging out.

When we were all done racing we headed over to the work out area and the kids asked daddy to test out all the varies equipment and "show" us how they use them. He must have been so pooped but he did a few just to appease the kids!

The kids had a lot of fun and asked if they could come back every day and run with daddy. I think we might just do that. I know daddy really enjoyed himself.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice post!It is so fun to work out as a family - when you can all make it out the door! Your little ones are adorable - I especially love the first photo with everyone and even seeing that tiny little curly haired one by her big daddy! So cute!