Thursday, June 5, 2008

League Bowling - Fun with hubby =)

A few years ago I started bowling on a league with my husband. It was the squadron bowling team and our four team members represented the squadron. It was pretty cool, every Thursday
night we would have a sitter come over and we would head over the the bowling alley. I was pregnant with my youngest and it was fun to beat the other teams even with my belly. It came down to the roll of (this is where the champs are decided) and our team had enough points to advance. Each day we had another opponent and each time we progressed through. Little did we know but we are on the road to be base champions. We won the very last game and had a photo shoot for the base paper. It was so exciting. A few months later they began picking teams for the next season. I was still pregnant and knew I wouldn't be able to finish the season but I signed up just the same. I made it a few months and then the final day I bowled was the day I went into labor. I was only able to finish one of my 3 games. I sat and counted my contractions until my husband was finished. Then we went home to see if labor progressed. Our youngest was born two days later (yes I was in labor the whole time). I hadn't bowled since then.. I didn't even bowl for fun...but I really wanted to get back into the leagues because it was time well spent with my hubby. Just last week I started our first game of the summer league season. I bowled a 107,a 124, and a 106. Not to shabby for a 108 average. Tonight was night 2 and I bowled a horrible 85, 117, and 111. Here's hoping that next Wednesday is better!


Cherry Lane Jane said...

That sounds like a great way to spend time together! You make it sounds so romantic and so competitive at the same time! lol

I was at the playground swinging on swings when I went into labor with the first. We all need good stories for our labor and now you have one!

DAMdesigns said...

What thats an awsome story! Congrats on winning champs and playing again. I cant bowl at all. Ive never come close to hitting 100 lol. Im lucky to get 1 strike in a whole game and useually not even that!