Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekends are Family time!

In our Family, weekends are all about spending time together. This past Saturday we decided to explore Tyndall AFB (Florida) and find all the hidden secrets this base has to offer.

Back by Red Fish housing there is a recreation area with a lake and suspension bridge. The bridge seemed a bit rickety so I didn't want the kids or hubby to walk across but we did find a cute little lizard and I was able to catch an awesome picture.

The kids really enjoyed walking around the rec area and playing on the dock. We shuffled them off to our next stop, alligator nest behind lodging!

Neela walked through the tall grass along the observation path and found a big piece of grass that brushed her side. She was so fascinated with it and tried to pull it from the ground it was too cute.

We didn't find the alligator but we read all the rules and kept our eye out just in case.

Here is where the alligator lives. It is a quiet little swamp area behind lodging located across from the base hospital. There is an observation trail with a outlook tower with a great view of the area. It is a must see for sure!

The kiddos had a blast and asked a lot of questions.
Looking for a fun outdoors adventure with no fuss about money?
Pack up the kids and enjoy a day exploring Tyndall Air Force Base.
You will thank me for it!!


Maddie and Mommy said...

WOW! I was raised in FL and this really reminded me of my childhood. Kids Survivor, the real thing! I remember we couldn't go in a friends back yard one year because a gator had taken up residence, I remember water skiing and by dusk we looked a lot more like bate dragging on a big line behind the boat, than little kids on water skis. Looking back it kinda scares me, but that was just life. No big deal...right?

MayRae said...

Looks like a fun outting and your children are adorable! I don't know that I'd trust the bridge either :)