Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alaska no more.

Well it is official. We are no longer moving to Alaska. I am not disappointed in the least. It is rather nice to not have to plan an extensive trip up north. Now I do miss Alaska and still wish we could go but like I said I am not upset we are staying here locally. Now on to the Good news.... We are moving in to a bigger house down the road so we need to pack up and relocate. Our new house will be available with in the next two weeks so we are pretty busy. It is much bigger then our current base house and because we are holding up the demolition I figured what the heck I will take the new Speaking of demolition, almost all the houses on our road are torn down. There are about 6 located around us that are still standing. They can't start on them until we are moved out. I guess we are on the same grid so power to those houses hasn't been cut.

Neela's tests have come back and the only thing we know is that the growth hormone was with in normal limits. There were some other tests taken that showed low levels and we are not clear what this means. The doctor was unable to fully explain the results over the phone. She said it was to complicated to explain without being in person so we are no better off then we were a few weeks ago. Our next appt is in Aug so she will be able to give us the information we need to move forward. From what I gathered of our phone conversation these levels have something to do with her growth issues and we will hopefully be in the loop after the appt.

So over the next two weeks I will be MIA getting all my stuff over to the new house.. Wish us luck =)


April said...

Heres to having a smooth move up the street to a NEW house.

MayRae said...

Yeah for a bigger house :) Glad you know where you are going. Good luck with the move.