Friday, July 18, 2008

Old House....New home!

I am officially all moved out of the old house and demolition can commence. We lived on that road for 3 years but with our ever growing family it is nice to have a bigger house to grow up in.

Here is the new house! Look I have a lawn =) No more sand and sand fleas, and ants.... oh I hated the ants! In this picture you can see the big window in front of the car. That is the window into my office. It is huge!!
My office...... Not yet fully unpacked but you get the idea of how it is set up. To the right of the table is my washer and dryer. The room is so big on the wall opposite of the window is my desk and the entrance to the kitchen and the living room.

Just off the kitchen is a breakfast nook and outside, screened in back porch (Florida Room). We love to sit out there at night with out the annoyance of bugs. We even sat out and watched the rain come down. All of the lighting through out the house are florescent bulbs and it will help us conserve a bit more energy. I am like a kid with a new toy. Trying to find all the fun things I can do to spruce up this house and make it our own. I am happy to be done moving. I am happy we are staying in Florida and I am happy to have a nice place to call home!

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MayRae said...

yay! love the office setup. have fun making the new house a home