Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby Neela - One step closer to treatment

Today my husband and daughter traveled back to the children's hospital for a series of tests. First up this morning was a MRI to rule out Hypothalamus and Pituitary issues. Hubby wasn't able to stay with her when she was sedated and that really made him mad. He asked several times to just be with her for that one part and they said no. After the procedure he was able to go and be with her and he said that they had actually tried to do the IV twice. The first stick was in the top of her hand and the second that worked was in her foot. She wasn't able to eat or drink before hand so daddy took her out for french fries. She called me at that time but was too busy to talk because she was woofing down her much loved fries.
The second of 3 appointments wasn't until later in the afternoon so they had time to kill. Her Echo was done by a cardiology tech. Hubby said she was very nice and even sent home a copy of the Echo for me =) I guess when Nee-Nee was an infant she had a small hole in her heart (something that wasn't relayed to us). This hole is a normal abnormal (if that makes sense). It is not uncommon to see a small hole in a premature babies heart. They normally close on their own, hence the reason for us not knowing. All in all the tech said her heart was pretty and even joked with Neela about having a baby in her belly. Hubby said she was great with her and she didn't even cry when they started. The tech suggested that he lay down with her to help her stay still and calm. Hubby actually fell asleep. The tech said they both did a great job!! After all the tests he met with the Endo and they just went over the info already given and confirmed the start time of the medication. That is our next and final step. All we have to do is wait for Tricare to approve the medication so that we can move forward. The estimated start to treatment is Nov. We can't wait!!


Jennifer said...

Amanda, I am so glad that all went well. I can just imagine hubby falling asleep waiting for that test. My hubby starts to every time that he gets his done.

I look forward to seeing your lil munchikin grow up big and strong.


Kaleidoscope Korner said...

I just cant tell you how happy I am that shes doing well and handling the testing process well. Ive been there and if you ever need anything, never hesitate!!

Melissa said...


Hugs to you and your family you know I pray for you daily. You have such a beautiful daughter and family. I know being surrounded by the family she has and the support you recieve from your friends here on Etsy helps her hopes of getting better and your hopes as well. I will keep continuing to pray for your daughter and your family.
Hugs to you and her.