Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Fun Family Walk

What a wonderful day it ways. The morning started with rain and by midday the sun was seeping through the clouds. It was ideal weather for a walk with the family. I plugged our path in to google pedometer when we got home and it was a good 3 mile hike.
We grabbed the wagon and headed to the corner store for water and juice. From there we headed down the road towards the bay. On the way we found some friends.
This cute little squirrel stopped to nibble on a nut while watching us pass by. Dylan was especially intrigued when she said hi to him and he seemed to stop and give her a look.
Neela was having fun too. Here she is jumping and holding hands with Mikey and Coralee. She was such a trip. There were little red flags on the road to mark underground lines (put in place for construction) she would walk up and touch each flag as we passed them.
Just about home and Mikey spots a toad. Daddy came over and picked it up for all to pet. They all thought it was pretty cool. Neela not so much.... The frog moved and that was about all she could handle. =)


KrazyFashion said...

Hahaha they are so cute. I love going on walks with the family that I haven't gone on before. It is so relaxing even though you are exercising. :p

Jennifer said...

What is this Google pedometer. I think I need to look into that. I need to walk more too. All we have here is a creek that they dump Salmon or some kind of BIG fish into. =)

Looks like a nice walk though.