Monday, March 9, 2009

So thats whats wrong.................

It has been a while since I last blogged about my son's eye and school issues. I have been chomping at the bit getting all the needed information to assist my son in his pursuit to read. This is what we have found out:

He has high esophoria with intermittent esotropia and amblyopia.

In mom terms this means he has high tendency for his eye to turn inward because of the muscles. His eyes are not properly aligned causing a squinting and resulting in a lazy eye.
(All these things make it hard to focus and cause his eyes to wander)

So you see it is not just one thing, but many that are causing his inability to read print. Today however there was a light at the end of our tunnel. The school has set up an IAP (Individual Accommodation Plan - Section 504) for Mikey. The FCAT starts first thing tomorrow so we were relieved to have a plan of action in place. It states that he will receive one on one assistance, having items read allowed and even assistance with word problems associated with mathematics. He will have reading glasses that he must put on for close up assignments (such as computer work and reading), regular glasses (that he currently wears) for everyday tasks at a distance, and place markers and guides to help him keep track while reading. It will be a long road but each step is that much closer to Mikey's eyes gaining strength and focus!

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2 comments: said...

I'm so glad you have a plan to help your son....limbo is the worse place to be...
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Mannie of MannieMandible said...

I'm glad a plan was made today for him (: How exciting! I wish him the BEST on his FCAT!! HE CAN DO IT!