Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zodiac and Career

Have you ever wondered what career is best suited for your sign? Tonight I found myself playing online and the thought popped into my head. I did a search and I came across this profile. I have to admit it is dead on.. Right down to my SUV in the drive

Taurus Career Profile

The Bull could be considered the worker bee of the Zodiac, not the image you might have of this hard-charging sort. Taurus is reliable and loyal, easy to get along with and a good team player. They're also practical and grounded, as befits an Earth Sign.

If you want things to get done, call the Bull. You may have to ring them two or three times, though, since they can be a bit lazy to get going, but once they're up and running, look out! There's a focus and single-mindedness of purpose there that can come in plenty handy. Taureans can be notoriously strong-willed, so it's a good idea for colleagues to lay down the law first -- the Bull will follow their lead and work hard. So hard, in fact, that Taureans are often the pillar of a company, the community and certainly their family. Hey, that's what those strong shoulders are for! Organization is also something that is best placed in the Bull's capable hands.

While the Bull can do well in business, an artistic streak is also present. More apparent, though, can be the Bull's frequent stubborn streaks, which can defeat a lot of hard work. And that temper! It's mercifully swift, so duck while plates are flying, and you'll be fine. If Taureans can keep their focus on the steady accumulation of material goods and an occasional dose of earthy, sensual pleasures, life will be grand.

The Taurus office is likely to be a comfy, cozy den, a place where guests will feel welcome and the Bull can hold court. Driving around between appointments is likely to be done in a sport utility vehicle, with ski racks on top as a sign of practicality and success. If it's a lunch date you crave, the Bull can just as easily take you for a BLT or filet mignon -- it all depends on your value to this discerning member of the Zodiac.

Taureans are well suited as bankers, artists, accountants, musicians, gardeners or any profession that requires patience and determination.

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