Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday - Demo and Rebuild

We spent the afternoon at our friend's house in town. Chris helped him remove the old roof on his back patio and replace it with new wood.

Here is BeeJay climbing down from the roof. He is such a nut.

I had to have plenty of picture proof that they both knew how to work.... Well that and if they hurt themselves I wanted to be there to capture every detail. It was almost

My man with his adorable grin =)

Beege hard at work with that determined face!

The other man in my life, BeeJay, working on the roof.

Caption should read "Um, what was I doing"

Beege and his Goddaughter Neela. She is terrified of their dogs.

Chris wasn't getting enough attention =)

This is BeeJay's butt...... His girlfriends is not a It drove me nutty having to resist the urge to grab a needle and thread and fix his

Neela looking at the puppy she desperately wanted to play with but was completely horrified whenever he came close.

Such a big baby

This is Taco their other puppy. He is an old dude who just likes to hang out with the big dogs. Not really a kid person =)

We had a lot of fun and I took a lot of pictures. The boys came out with 10 fingers each so we called it a good day!

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