Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Working... It's working!

I push you.
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Christopher took Nee-Nee to her follow up Endo appointment today and we received the best news. She has grown 1.5 inches since starting her treatment 3 months ago. To that she has also added 3 lbs. This is the biggest gain we have ever seen and we are more then pleased. I was unable to go due to time restraints but I did send him with a big list of all my questions. Chris asked about genetic testing (so we can have everything ruled out before heading up north). The doctor made a note and agreed it was a good idea to rule out Turner Syndrome and Mosaic. I guess she had noticed a few "small" characteristics that "might" indicate TS but nothing major.

A new bone age has been ordered and an increase in her dosage has been prescribed. We do not have to return for another 3 months but I am so excited that she is growing. We will have everything we need to start anew in North Dakota. Fingers crossed that the good news continues! =)


Jennifer said...


I am so glad that that sweet little angel is finally growing.

Hugs to the whole fam.

Reesa said...

Go NeeNee!!!

Keely said...

Hi! I googled "insulin growth factor" and found your blog. My son is very tiny and we just had genetics testing done and found that he is missing part of his 15th chromosome, and in that deletion was his insulin growth receptor. The doctors are meeting tomorrow to discuss if we will give him IGF or growth hormone injections, so I was doing a little research on the IGF since that is what our doctor was leaning towards. Anyway, I'm so happy to see that you had good results and thanks for the tips on giving shots...I am not looking forward to that, but I'm sure he'll thank me when he's older :-) Take care!