Monday, April 27, 2009

Productivity Hits Home

Morning all.

I feel so energized recently. Since Chris started on days I have been getting up earlier and earlier. I awoke at about 629am to my alarm and the sound of my oldest daughter yelling at her sister. Who knows why or what possess that child to scream in such a fashion but I jumped up from bed and decided I was up for the day. By 7 am it was just me and the youngest two and I put up the baby gate so I could get just 5 more minutes of shut eye. I don't think my eyes were closed for 2 seconds when Dyl woke me up screaming that Nee-Nee had climbed up on top of Brother's bunkbed. I jumped up and ran into his room where I indeed found Nee-Nee, with the biggest smile on her face, stranded on the top bunk. I was destined to be up for the day so I got dressed, dressed the girls and I loaded them in the truck. I'd say it was now about 8 - 830am as we headed into town. We first stopped at the bank, then the fabric store, back to base to the post office, airmen's attic, corner store, and then finally home. All this before 11 am.

By doing all my errands in the morning it frees up my afternoons for the kids, their homework and of course hubby. Who know what I will do tomorrow but I am sure it will be a productive day =)


leahleah16 said...

sounds like a busy morning. kudos to you

Mannie of MannieMandible said...

Super productive morning! I'm jealous!

BusyBeadLady said...

Seize the day! Come on over. I could use your energy!