Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break - Fun with Family

The kids were off from school last week on their spring break. during this time my husband also took time off so he could have some quality time at home. The first day we went out and played in the driveway. The kids really love to draw so we made chalk pictures and poor hubby became the first comfirmed death in the driveway. The kids got a hoot out of tracing him that it soon turned into a game of whose body could make the coolest chalk outline.

My middle daughter (seen on my lap) was a bit under the weather but wanted to play with us too. She drew a very cute picture of herself

The next few days were cloudy and rainy so our outside fun was limited. Here is a little critter daddy found hanging just outside our door. He kept opening his mouth in protest so I snapped the shot quickly so we could return him to the plant he so desperately wanted.

When the rain would let up we would go outside and blow bubble. Did you know it is very fun to blow bubbles in the rain? Its because next to blowing a bubble, popping is just as fun! Here is my oldest creating a kaleidoscope bubble. Shortly after it popped in my face =)

And my oldest child (hubby) trying to cut in front of our daughter to get in on all the fun.

It was a wonderful week filled with lots of play and a few sick moments (youngest got a cold) but all in all I think my kiddos had a blast. When asked what they did on their break I hope they say they had a lot of fun with thier family.

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