Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whooo Hooo Happy Birthday to me!!

Last year at this time we were planning a move to Alaska. A few weeks before our designated departure our orders were canceled. We really love Alaska and wished to return but our youngest daughter's health issues were just evolving. It took some time but we got use to the idea of staying in Florida a bit longer.

Back in February news came down that Minot, North Dakota was looking for experienced personnel to relocate up north and Christopher jumped at the chance. You see, 11 years ago I met a young airmen brand new to the military. We fell in love and I married him. We started a family began our life in a town I had lived for almost 6 years. That town was Minot!! Simply put we were hoping we could return. Chris's family is just an 8 hour drive away. We know the area and having lived there for so much of my childhood it was like a second home.

Chris put in the much need paperwork and we waited....... waited..... waited.

Today of all days.... My birthday..... I received a call from my hubby with a sweet "Happy Birthday, We have orders!". A bit shocked, I had to ask the very important question "Where? When do they need us?" "Minot.. and they do not need us until October" This was awesome, not only do my kids get to finish out the year but my son can complete his summer school if needed and Dylan can start preschool here before our move. We can save up for the new car we wanted. I can get all the business stuff in order, Neela's meds and records transferred and the kids can get to North Dakota just in time for the seasons first snow fall!!

To top it off we have friends in North Dakota... lots of them!! So not only are we going on a new adventure but we will have a lot of old chums to share it with!!


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Wow..Happy BIrthday!!!!!
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