Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Meal for Under $15 - Mhmmm, Spaghetti

Here I am preparing our meal for this evening with the help of my handy camera man and son, Mikey. On the menu is a sausage spaghetti with fresh grown tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, and homemade biscuits.

When we started out we didn't have all the fixens in the cupboard. I had a few canned whole tomatoes, some grape tomatoes from the garden, and a can of pizza sauce. I knew I could still make an awesome sauce. I combined the pizza sauce and grape tomatoes in with the sauteed sausage.

Added the spaghetti to the boiling pot of water.

Hubby Chris with the aide of his sous chef, help prepare the biscuits.


spaghetti noodles - $1.79
smoked sausage - $ 1.89
grape tomatoes - Free
Bisquick - $2.55
sliced mushrooms - $.88
Milk $3.00
pizza sauce - $1.79

Total - $11.90

The look on your toddlers face when they realize they just ate a mushroom with out complaining...... Priceless =)

Not bad for a thrown together meal... for this family of 6... for under $15.


Anonymous said...

Amazing, I do remember when my kiddo ate a mushroom. Yea its a priceless look too. Great meal and it looks so good. Great job now come to my house and cook for me :)

KLBK said...

not bad at all!

what a well made post :)

Amanda said...

Sounds good

Child Care Phoenix AZ said...

mmm looks so good!

<3 Lindsay