Friday, July 24, 2009

Grrrrrr.... Weekends - Neela Update

Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe my day. We have been anxiously awaiting the latest results for Nee-Nee's Turners Syndrome and Mosaic Turners screening. I had called the clinic a few weeks ago to see if they had the results but was told it may take a little bit longer. So we waited.............

Today I decided to call the diagnostic facility that tested her blood and kind of poke around as to when I should expect the findings. Here is where the frustration sets in. It seems that their computer system went down several times in the month of June and they do not have a computer record of our daughter in their system. So I am given a number to the main office where the testing actually took place and told to have the clinic call for the results. I called the clinic, gave the nurse the number and she did some investigating. I ran some errands, disposed of her already filled sharp box, got a replacement and checked on her needle renewal. I get home to a message from the clinic stating that they too could not seem to find a record of my daughter's visit and that I should call the local office again and look further. I decided to call the main office myself instead. When the representative answered the phone I calmly explained that I need him to do his best to locate my daughter within his system. I gave him the estimated dates of her initial visit and he ever so nicely commented that not only COULD he find the results but they are boldly displayed on the screen in front of him. So I asked. "why couldn't they find it earlier when the clinic called?" He explained that their computer's were down at that time and the info might have been missing. Elated with the news I asked him to fax over the results to our doc's office so they could give me the answers I so desperately seek. I got off the phone and called the clinic....... Answering service picks up on the other end..... Yup you guessed it. They have closed for the day and now I have the whole weekend to worry about the results =(

How was your friday?

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BusyBeadLady said...

How frustrating dealing with this.
All I can advise is to put it out of your mind for the day that is left and give that sweet little girl a big kiss.
There isn't anything else to do!