Monday, July 20, 2009

One who plants a garden, plants happiness.

This quote speaks volumes of the day we harvested my son's cabbage plant. I had told my son that once his cabbage was mature we would make cabbage rolls.

Using the grape tomatoes from my garden, Nana and my oldest two children head for the kitchen. Nana boiled the cabbage while I sauteed the ground beef, tomatoes, and onions on the stove. (rice added just before stuffing) Once softened, the cabbage leaves where peeled away and Nana taught them how to stuff and roll each one.

Apron made by me =0

Messy fingers, cheese and tomato sauce are the makings for a happy evening at home. We popped their creation into the oven and headed for the next task.. Shucking some corn!

I have never seen my kids so excited over a meal they have never had the pleasure of tasting (Trust me I would make it every day if my husband didn't hate cooked cabbage!)

With the minutes winding down on the timer, we placed the corn cobs into the boiling water and waited patiently. By this time the whole house is smelling like heaven and we are asked every few minutes "Is it time yet?"

Smiling faces, full bellies, and the satisfaction of a job well done...... I'd have to say our garden brought a bit more then just happiness to this large family!


KrazyFashion said...

Mmmm my mother is watering! This sounds so heart warming! Love your posts! :p

Fancy said...

I've never had cabbage rolls but they sound yummy!!!

Is your mother watering YOUR garden, Brit? LOL I kid..I kid..

Trish said...

This looks so yummy!!! Can I please have your recipe???