Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ooooooh Books!!!!

Since hearing the news that I had placed as one of the winners of Lark Books Craft Challenge, I have been anxiously awaiting the 'prize'. Just yesterday there was a knock at my door and box from my favorite publisher!! I must have been talking about this a lot because my kids where yelling. "Ooh the box is here... the box is here" I didn't waste much time in grabbing my box cutter and seeing what had arrived.

10 Lark Books Publications (well 9 - one was on back order but I am okay with waiting). I think my mother was as shocked as I was with all these selections. Of course we took turns pawing our way through the books cover to cover, Ooooohing and Awwwing over every adorable design and piece. One book was my mother's absolute favorite, Eco Crafts. There were so many useful ideas included and she plans to do at least 3-4 of them around her house. Oh and this adorable flower pot covered in wood pieces...... That was her favorite!

I ,of course, went right for the Pillowcase book in search of my friend {sosorosey} 's contribution. It was soo cool to see her in print!! Now that I have all these books the reality of my current project is coming full circle. This week I plan to have my project and instructions finished, packaged and ready for shipment. This whole process has been wonderful and I will again anxiously await a book delivery.... This time I will be searching for my contributed piece =)

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