Friday, July 17, 2009

My Mommy Comes to Visit!

This week we have a new addition to our household. My mother has come to visit and soak up as much hugs and kisses as she can stand. Being in the military it is often hard to be away from the ones you love. It has been two years since my parents have been able to visit us here and we welcomed my mother with open arms. Today I decided to take pictures of the kiddos with mom so she can bring them home on her handy digital photo keychain. [She loves it when other grandma's whip out their brag books and share pictures of their babies. In just a click of a button she can show them about 120 pictures all digital displayed on a 2 in screen]

My oldest took this photo for me. Three generations of beautiful girls! Being the only boy sure is tough but he plans to make sure any boyfriends know he means business =)

My babies..... I like to think I have four of the greatest kids I know. They are always willing to help when needed and since my mother arrived they have done just that. Folded laundry without being asked, helping to make dinner, cleaning their rooms, making their beds, you name it they have done it and more. I am sure it is just an phenomenon that occurs when 'Nana' is present but I am certainly okay with all the new assistants !

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