Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seamstress By Night

Fabric and thread all over the place
To you its just clutter, to her it's a work space.

Hair pulled up and a little dismay
Her bare foot on the pedal, she likes it that way.

Cutting and pinning and pressing her finds.
You won't find a pattern it's all in her mind.

She speaks in a language that echos of art.
Fat quarters, feed dogs, selvage, and dart.

All done at home with a sewing machine and computer
No long drives into work, she is no highway commuter

It's 3 in the morning and not a person in sight.
Hours before she had kissed them all goodnight.

A stay at home mom with a passion for design
creating and listing to a shop online.

One day she will look back with pride and delight
for she was a mom by day and a seamstress.... by night.

Written by SygnetCreations =)


L.o.v.e. said...

Bravo! This was a delight!

Fancy said...

Love it!