Friday, August 28, 2009

Playing outside - Health update

Such a pretty day to pick flowers.... The girls played outside while I took pictures of a new item to list in my shop. They were having a ball collecting dandelions one by one. Once they found one patch and cleaned them out, they move on the the next =)

Dyl and Nee would take turns bringing me handfuls upon handfuls of little yellow flowers heads. It was surely a treat to watch them hunt for more.

Such a beautiful bouquet don't you think?
My little Dyl is having the time of her life in preschool. When she comes home each day, she empties her backpack and goes over the days events. Today her and her older sister encountered a spider in the bathroom! I guess my oldest girl had to go potty after getting to school and since she is in charge of taking Dylan to class she brought her along with.... Well from the story, Dylan saw the spider while big sis was in the stall and began to scream.... I could only imagine what poor Cora was thinking. She rushed out and tried to kill it but it moved to fast and headed out the door. Instead she told a teacher about it and they headed for breakfast... I tell you Dylan has the best adventures ever!!!

NeeNee had an adventurous week herself. On Thursday she had update with her Endocrinologist. She has grown by leaps and bounds. Went from 25lbs to almost 29, and went from 33 1/2 inches to almost 36! Of course with the good comes the bad.... It looks as though she is growing too fast. The doctor wants to keep an extra eye on the issue and reevaluate in Dec. She is expecting her to grow almost 6inches in the first year which is way to much for her small frame. They also looked at her xrays for her bone age and it looks like she is a good 6mos to a year behind. Plenty of room to grow... just not too fast! My husband asked the doctor about NeeNee's new found anger and aggression and was concerned that the meds might be causing the problem. She assured us that it wasn't a side effects but a curse of the drug. You see... now that she is getting the healthier body, she has more energy and has fully enveloped the terrible twos =) I must have forgotten what it was like to have a defiant toddler running the house.... I am sure this too will pass... or should I say... I hope =)


Jennifer Winchester said...

Sounds like they are all doing great. Hehehe Nee Nee has the full blown terrible twos huh? She's such a cutie though makes it a bit more bearable. Thanks for the updates keep em' coming. Oh does that spider incident remind you of anything? LOL

Sygnet Creations said...

Yes, You are my spider I had to kill one all by myself here a couple of weeks ago. It was coming right up to me... the nerve.... I had to squish it with my Miss you =)