Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

Today was the first day of school. This year my oldest three will be attending. I am a mix of emotions. I am excited that they are all growing up and moving ahead in their lives.... yet sad that one of my babies is starting PreK and leaving home without mommy!

The exciting news is my oldest succeeded at summer school and has been promote to the fourth grade! He work extra hard with his eye exercises and did everything in his power to over come his reading issues. He was so productive that he actually finished summer school early. This year will be filled with new found independence.... now if only I could let him go...... if just for a little bit... well maybe one day =)

My oldest daughter is starting the second grade.... Where has the time gone? We met with her teacher last week and I can tell she is going to have such a wonderful time. The class seems to be filled with a lot of kids she knows and that always makes it easier. She is also very excited to take on the role of Big Sister.... Not that she isn't a great big sister at home, but she gets to take her younger sister to breakfast and her classroom. She loves the responsibility and so far did a super job on day one!

Speaking of little sister....... Her very first day of school... can you believe it? I know I am still in shock. She woke up bright and early, got dressed, and made sure I did her hair for her special day. Her excitement was overflowing!! Time for the bus....... I had explained to her before that she would be riding with buddy and sister and they would take her to breakfast and then to her class.... then after school, Mommy would be coming to pick her up. Like a little trooper she smiled and gave me a big kiss as she climbed the steps of the bus. I would like you to know I did not cry... but I did take a moment to let it all sink in. Just two more years and all my babies will be in school. Oh my what am I going to do with all this free time?

Did your kids start school recently?
Tell me... How was their first day back?


Jennie said...

Great post, Amanda! Your kids all look so sweet and excited :)

Sophie starts back on Sept. 8th. She did MWF last year, but will be every day for half days this year.

I DON'T know where all the time goes, but it sure does fly!

Jennifer said...

AWWWWW Look at ALL of those little SYGNETS leaving the nest.

They look so happy too.

April starts back on Sept. 8th, another new school but she will be in the second grade this year and she will be going with her cousins so she is EXCITED.