Thursday, August 20, 2009

Checking items off the list.

Busy isn't a word I would use to describe my week.
So here is a few more for you...

active, assiduous, at it, buried, diligent, employed, engaged, engrossed, having a full plate, having many irons in the fire, hustling, in a meeting, in conference, in the field, in the laboratory, industrious, occupied, on assignment, on duty, on the go, overloaded, persevering, slaving, swamped, tied up, unavailable, up to one's ears, with a customer, working =)

I am loving the hustle and bustle. I feel I work best under pressure. If this is any insight to the holiday season, I welcome the challenge! Below are the items I have been working on and most of which have been checked as COMPLETE!

✔ Spiderman/Batman Quilt is complete!

✔ Two Twin 'Opposite' Dragon Blankets are Complete!

Custom aprons have been started!

Wholesale order of Cupcake Oven Mits have been started!

✔ and last but not least a new Jack and Sally Travel pillow Set has been completed and listed!!

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