Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Work in progress - On to stage two

I am working on a custom quilt for a client. I am super excited about the idea behind the quilt and my son is eager to see how it turns out. He has hinted that he has out grow his blanket and would love a new one =0

Here is the initial plan:

The quilt will feature both batman and spiderman for an enthusiastic little man. It needs to go well with his race car bed so blue and red are the primary colors.

Today I have been super busy. All the hero blocks have been cut, all the main blocks have been cut and I have enlisted the help of hubby to iron while I sew[stage one]. Here is a quick sneak peak thus far.

This is just two rows of the nine it will take for a completed quilt top.

My son has given it two thumbs up so far!!!
I just hope my clients little man is as excited as we are!! =)

Till next time.....

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