Monday, November 30, 2009

New York Vacation - Day 1-3

Whooo hooooo..... We are home! We had soooo much fun on our trip that I just had to share =) First I want to tell you that this was a long time coming. My finally attempt of many to take my whole family home to the north. We started out at about noon and headed the 800+ miles to my brother's home in Virginia. It was just a fly by as he was going to accompany us on our journey. We stayed the night and headed out the next day for New York..... 544 miles give or take.

The kids were content with car games and of course the occasional hand-held distractions. We arrived on the mountain at about 4am early Saturday morning. Nana and Papa got in all the hugs and squeezes they could before we crashed.... I for one was exhausted!

Neela found a new best friend in her cousin Amber.
She curled up right next to her and fell fast asleep.

When we woke up for the day Papa had some adventurous ideas in store.... Here is the gang heading out to the shed to look at Papa's toy =)

Everyone loaded up and headed for a 'sleigh ride' down the mountain. On the ride down I sat in the rear with the kids. After eating enough mud to satisfy lunch, I decided that I would be riding behind my father on the way back up....


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