Monday, November 30, 2009

New York Vacation - Day 3-4

Continued from: New York Vacation - Day 1-3

My dad..... He had one plan this year. He wanted to have all his kids come for Thanksgiving, bring their families, and enjoy themselves and each other. Unfortunately, my brother Ray and nephew were unable to make it up.... It would have been the perfect holiday!

He did keep us well entertained though =). On of the first things he did was pull out my brother's old BB gun... awe Chris helped each one of the kids take aim and try to knock down a can. I must say I am proud of my oldest daughter.... She knocked one down first shot.
My son got an idea to place 3 cans in a row and challenge me to shoot them all in one shot. I handed the gun to hubby and had him bump it up 10 times. I took aim and sure enough.. and to my son's surprise I got them all!!

We even spread them out for the older kiddos to give it a whirl.
I think my other bro Damian hit a leaf or two..hehehe

The weekend was coming to a close and my brother and family had to return to Virginia. (we had plans to stay a bit longer) I snagged my camera and dad's tripod so we could all get a quick shot of this moment. Here we are left to right... Dad, Mom, Damian, (down a step) Austin, Damian's wife Julie, (down a step) Mikey, Amber, (down a step) Coralee, Dylan, (bottom step) Me, Neela, and Chris!

and of course 6 of their 7 grandbabies!


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