Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New York Vacation - Llamas

Continued from: Vacation Day 3-4

My mother took us to a friend's home who raises Llamas. Their farm is right down the road from the mountain and filled with all shapes and sizes of these odd creatures. When we walked in the gate we were greeted by one nosy little girl. I think she was hoping for food. She was intrigued by just about everything we did.
Mom taught the girls how to put out their hands so the Llamas can smell and get to know them better. (Don't mind miss nosy, she is a bit camera shy ..lol)

I thought the kids would be more intimidated but they ran up and chased and touched just about everything on the farm!

After our visit we had lunch with papa and the boys...
then walked to a gazebo that over looks the Oswegatchie River.

A bit cold by the river but it was very pretty.


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